Tailored desserts with a seasonal touch – a day at the fine-dining patisserie

They make beautiful desserts day after day and sculpt spectacular flowers like lilies from sugar or chocolate to craft cakes for special occasions according to the requests of guests. While during the evenings they create wonderful fine-dining desserts, with the beginning of a new season, our patisserie team is working harder than ever to dream up perfect desserts for the upcoming seasonal menu. We were talking with Baraka’s talented pastry chefs.

“It’s a dinner party every night“ – Read the article of The Budapest Times

“Tucked away on the ground floor of a luxurious apartment house in the heart of the historic centre of Budapest, just a few steps away from the banks of the Danube, Baraka restaurant awaits its customers with French-Asian gastronomy and artfully prepared cocktails. Although this fine-dining destination has been quite well-known for many years already and is a favourite of numerous gastro-connoisseurs in Budapest, for the average Hungarian Baraka is still regarded as some kind of a secret tip. We took a close look at this culinary jewel.”