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  “Made in Hungary” is a brand created to showcase the quality of the Hungarian products. The organisers chose the 20 best chefs in the country and gave them the mission to create a dish with Hungarian foie gras of duck. Each restaurant’s sommelier had the challenge to pair this dish with the most prestigious…

Dining Guide TOP 100

BARAKA AMONG THE TOP 20 “A year ago, André Bicalho was mentioned as a new chef in the Dining Guide, but he became familiar with Baraka’s world really quick. The Portuguese-Brazilian chef delivers Baraka’s unique fusion perfectly. Bicalho combines the French cuisine with Asian flavors while he uses his favorites: fresh fish from the sea,…

Winter at Baraka: Asian myths and legends

Baraka’s cuisine is a fine fusion of the French and Asian kitchens. The inspiration for our winter menu is ASIAN MYTHS AND LEGENDS.  Following the tradition of storytelling during this chilly season, our chef André Bicalho will take you on a succession of adventures, where your plate will be the stage for the essential elements…

Autumn forest on our plate – We have been at Baraka

  ,,Have you heard about Baraka before? Dim lighting, quiet music in the background. The illumination highlights the finest details of the restaurant.Everything is set for the guests to step out of their reaility and go on a culinary journey.I must say that Baraka is a sexy place, in an elegant and sophisticated kind of way,as…

Chaos has taken control over Baraka

“Autumn is the twilight inbetween the seasons of life and death, a time of transition, where nature’s last blooms and winter’s first dooms begin to clash, a confounding cornucopia of confusion, contradictions and CHAOS! And this will be the theme for the autumn menu: CHAOS!” Read the inspirations behind our new autumn menu.

Taking Baraka to new levels

This is a pivotal point in Baraka history. It is one of the biggest shifts that we have made besides actually moving the restaurant. We are changing the concept, which is a huge step for a restaurant that has been opened for 17 years, but it is so important to change for many reasons, both from Baraka point of view and the guest’s side.

Summer Dinner Party at Baraka

The Nightly Baraka Dinner Party is launching our summer season with our fresh ever changing menu. We are now exclusively preparing for the dinner experience, with new light but intense dishes full of summer flavors and surprises. Our executive chef, André Bichalo has brought his knowledge and creativity for the new summer menu again which has added another dimension to the Baraka dining experience. 

Gearing up the summer menu

“Summer in Budapest is sweet and sunny, and fun is always in the air! There’s joy of relaxation because it’s the vacation season, a period of good times with friends and family outdoors, moments to chill on terraces or along the banks of the Danube. For this year’s summer inspiration, we chose  to represent the many frivolous faces of SUMMERTIME FUN” Read the inspirations behind our new summer menu.