André Bicalho and his inner fire

The GastroCoach Magazine was enchanted by our new chef André Bicalho: “He says with a smile on his face that he came to Budapest exactly a year and two weeks ago, and it is been a year now that he is working for Baraka. He loves the city, although he has spent most of his time in the restaurant because he is desperately want to prove.”

Baraka – a piece of New York

“Budapest’s downtown has a hidden treasure away from the noise of the city. Many people have heard about Baraka, they know their name, but only a few know what craftwork is going on there. It gives an experience as if we were sitting in a premium restaurant in New York not in Hungary. The owner, David came from New York, André, the chef is from Brazil, and I was so lucky to meet both of them. “- Foodyny came and they were satisfied with our performance!

Discreetly in the forefront

“They are discreet and do not particularly follow the marketing strategy of the other top restaurants of Budapest. They create the menu season to season and strive to provide maximum. We had a dinner at Baraka and we had a very pleasant surprise tasting the interpretation of André Bicalho. “- It is a great honor that WeLoveBudapest has come to us and has given only positive feedback about our restaurant.