Restaurant with three souls

“André Bicalho is following French- Asian fine dining cuisine, and the owners decided for a restaurant with metropolitan atmosphere, that could operate anywhere in the world from Berlin to New York. But we are lucky enough to have it here, in Budapest.” – thank you for your kind words

The top restaurant where the middle of the plate is empty

“Do you know which fine dining restaurant of Budapest is the one where the chef serves on the edge of the plate? What the Brazilian-Portuguese chef André Bicalho and his team presents every night in front of the guests’ eyes beyond the full glass show kitchen is unmatched in the topgastronomy palette of the capital. Here is the three main ingredients of the special recipe of the Baraka Restaurant at Dorottya Palace.”- Tourism Online was really satisfied with the Baraka experience.

Our favorite place this week

“We felt as we were in a completely different dimension when we arrived at the romantic, futuristic, yet sophisticated and exclusive restaurant at Dorottya Street Restaurant. Baraka’s French-Asian fusion cuisine was one of the first restaurant in Budapest which represented the fine-dining genre to the gastro scene of the capital, and since the opening in 2001, it is one of the best restaurants in the city, according to the best-known magazines.” – Marie Claire came, and picked us as the favorite place of the week.

André Bicalho and his inner fire

The GastroCoach Magazine was enchanted by our new chef André Bicalho: “He says with a smile on his face that he came to Budapest exactly a year and two weeks ago, and it is been a year now that he is working for Baraka. He loves the city, although he has spent most of his time in the restaurant because he is desperately want to prove.”